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CSC GL1500 Sport I/S TRIKE

We took the opportunity to re-design our Sport kit and now introduce it as our Sport with independent suspension. Re-engineering the suspension from a straight axle to a race-honed, fully independent suspension system delivers a trike kit with absolute performance, style and comfort.

Our trademark elegant body design beautifully complements the curves of the bike, worthy of the GL1500 Goldwing's legendary performance. Add our PowerTrak front end to give the smoothest and most responsive steering in the industry. The Sport trike comes with all the features that make CSC Trike the leader in trike conversions.


Hands down, the most innovative suspension engineering design on the market! The Sport features a vertically stabilized opposing rocker mono shock independent suspension, plus:

Purpose designed shock for the Opposing Rocker arm system

300 lb. linear wound racing spring designed to accommodate a loaded weight of up to 650lbs. inclusive of accessories, luggage, and passengers. (Lighter or heavier spring weights available)

Optional preload adjuster for simple spring preload adjustment to compensate for varying loads


Final Drive Gear: CSC specific aluminium differential housing and gearing

Drive shaft: One piece vibration free automotive style shaft with automotive u-joints


Truly masterful engineering went into the design of California Sidecar Trike's Sport disc brake system and the result is truly confidence-inspiring braking performance. The brakes are completely integrated with the O.E.M Linked Braking System.

Proprietary, patented, CNC machined four-piston aluminium alloy brake calliper

11.5" purpose-designed cast rotor

Check out our Performance Brake Upgrade option


Multiple wheel and tire choices are available.


CSC delivers the finest finish in the business. Our in-house fibreglass and paint departments insure the highest degree of quality control and the colour match capability is unsurpassed. Trike bodies are painted using top of the line urethane paints and clears, with a 2-3 part paint process and 3 clear coats. These are the same paints and clears supplied to Honda. Bodies are wet sanded and then polished in a two-step process to achieve an exquisite paint finish.


All California Sidecar Trike conversions are completely bolt-on kits. No welding required.

For over 30 years, California Sidecar has earned an excellent record of performance, durability and safety. CSC’s extensive experience in the industry means decades of research, testing and design of optimal performance equipment with knowledge and attention dedicated to engineering, safety and comfort. CSC works hard to provide loyal customers with a safe and smooth ride for thousands of miles across the world.

Most components on CSC trike kits are designed specifically for our trikes. You won’t find any generic automotive brake callipers or suspension components on our trike kits. Why settle for parts that were designed for a completely different vehicle on your trike? CSC values the performance and safety of all our products and tests every one. We have found that in order to be the best we have to go one step further than our competition, and designing/manufacturing our own components is just one of the many things that distinguishes us from the rest.


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